Floracliff offers a variety of nature-based programs knowing that a greater understanding of the natural environment leads to a greater appreciation of it. Every year, over a thousand visitors attend programs about trees, water quality, ecology, wildflowers, pollinators, birds, herpetology, geology, and more. We work with community volunteers and local partners to expand our program offerings and provide new, engaging ways for visitors to experience Floracliff.

To limit impact to the sanctuary and provide quality educational experiences, visitation to Floracliff is limited to small groups and based on the number of hike/program leaders we have available. Our programs include regularly scheduled guided hikes, workshops, private tours, and field trips.

Guided Hikes

We schedule a variety of guided hikes throughout the year with spring and fall being the busiest seasons. Hikes are typically led by Floracliff staff, trained volunteers, or conservation partners. We hike at a leisurely pace, cover 1.5 – 3 miles over 2 – 3 hours, and include at least one break along the way. All hikes require pre-registration and sometimes fill up quickly. Please see our calendar of events for scheduled hikes and programs.

Floracliff Field Studies Workshops

In 2012, we developed the Floracliff Field Studies Workshop series to highlight biodiversity in the Central Kentucky and give people in-depth learning opportunities with unique hands-on field experiences. Workshops are offered over two days with outings at Floracliff and other natural areas in the region. Topics have covered fungi, aquatic diversity, ferns, herpetology, insects and spiders, geology, spring flora, trees, lichens, and more. Workshop participants gain experience in species identification, biological surveys and collection techniques, and field observations. Indoor presentations include natural history, ecology, life cycles, and species behavior.
While the workshops are open to anyone, we think they are of particular interest to naturalists, biology students, science educators, and land managers as well as those with a strong passion for the subject. Please see our calendar of events for scheduled workshops.

Private Tours

Private tours may be arranged on weekdays for small groups of 5 to 20 people. Due to our small staff and other scheduled programs, we ask that arrangements be made at least 2 weeks in advance. Private tours are $15/person and 1.5 – 3 hours depending on the chosen trails. To inquire about a private tour, please email

Field Trips

Floracliff provides a unique setting where students can get hands-on field experience in a variety of topics. University and K-12 groups visit the sanctuary to study forest ecology, tree identification, plant taxonomy, entomology, water quality, habitats, stream biodiversity and more. We can accommodate up to 20 students an outing, depending on the topic and hike leaders available. Please email to inquire about field trips.

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