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Webinar: The Memories of Past Climate and the Gifts of Ecological Knowledge Engrained in the Rings of Trees

Presenter: Dr. Neil Pederson, Harvard Forest

Trees are witnesses of how our shared environment changes over time. The oldest trees, in fact, and perhaps not surprisingly, often have the best stories. In this webinar, Dr. Neil Pederson will share how people have learned to recognize and “interview” the eldest trees in the forest. Their stories can gives us insight on the dynamics of our world.

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Webinar: Classifying Nature after Linnaeus: Charles Darwin’s Insight Changes the Conversation

Presented by: Rob Paratley, University of Kentucky
This webinar presented by Rob Paratley begins in 18th Century Sweden with botanist Carl Linnaeus, the so-called “Father of Taxonomy” (the science of classifying Nature). Linnaeus’ conversation with Nature, the How and What of Nature’s diversity, are with us yet today, but he and those that followed left unanswered the questions of Why. Why is Nature patterned the way that Linnaeus first saw? What causes natural groups? What does natural affinity actually mean? Religious men and creationists, the best they could do was to invoke the plan of the Deity. This changed forever with Darwin’s Great Taxonomic Insight. Rob will discuss how Darwin’s evolutionary thinking changed forever the way we converse with Nature.

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Webinar: The Ecology of Spring Ephemerals

Presented by Beverly James, Preserve Director

As the days become longer and the temperatures begin to warm, the forest floor comes alive with spring wildflowers and the wildlife they attract. This webinar will guide you through the wildflower season at Floracliff, taking a closer look at the phenology, pollinator relationships, and natural history of our most treasured spring wildflowers.

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Webinar: The City Nature Challenge: A New Way to Discover Lexington

Presented by Beverly James, Preserve Director

The City Nature Challenge is a global 4-day community science project aimed at documenting nature in and around urban areas. Floracliff Nature Sanctuary is bringing the City Nature Challenge to Lexington for the first time in April. Learn more about the City Nature Challenge, how you can participate, and the value of finding and sharing observations of urban nature.

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City Nature Challenge 2021: Lexington

Floracliff is thrilled to bring the City Nature Challenge 2021 to Lexington. The City Nature Challenge is a global community science event that mobilizes urban residents and visitors to observe, document, and celebrate the wild plants, animals, and fungi in and around urban areas. This focused and collective effort increases our awareness and understanding of urban biodiversity around the world.

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